Embracing Change: The Power of Reinvention After 50

Show Notes:


 In this episode, Valerie kicks off the new year by discussing the power of starting anew after 50. She emphasizes the importance of embracing change and making the most of the fresh start that the new year brings. Valerie introduces the five steps to thrive in the process of starting anew: acknowledging past successes, cultivating a growth mindset, visualizing the future, creating a support network, and embracing learning and new experiences. She shares personal stories and examples to illustrate each step and offers practical advice for overcoming the fear of starting something new at this age.


00:06 Introduction to the series on the power of reinvention after 50

01:19 The new year as a time for starting anew and embracing change

02:38 Five steps to navigate the process of starting anew

03:24 Step 1: Acknowledge past successes

04:40 Step 2: Cultivate a growth mindset

05:57 Step 3: Visualize your future

07:14 Step 4: Create a support network

07:50 Step 5: Embrace learning and new experiences

09:48 Listener question on overcoming fear of starting something new

11:43 Conclusion and encouragement to embrace change and start anew

Key Takeaways:

  • Acknowledge your past successes and the wealth of experiences you have accumulated over the years.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset and view change as an opportunity for adventure and learning.
  • Visualize your future goals and dreams to set a path for your subconscious to follow.
  • Create a support network of positive influences and cheerleaders who will encourage and inspire you.
  • Embrace learning and new experiences to keep your mind sharp and open to new possibilities.

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Valerie (00:00:06) - Well. Hello gorgeous ladies, and welcome to aging with Grace and style. I'm Valerie, and this month we're embarking on a special series entitled The Power of Reinvention. Each week in January, we're offering different facets of reinventing ourselves after 50, from starting a new to career changes, prioritizing wellness, and building supportive networks. Each episode builds on the next, offering a comprehensive guide to embracing change and making the most of this exciting stage of life. So let's dive into today's topic and continue our journey of growth and transformation together. Hello, and a very happy New Year! Welcome to our first episode of 2024. I am thrilled to be kicking off this new year with each and every one of you as we step into 2024. I view it as a chance to embrace new beginnings and to reinvent aspects of our lives that we want to enhance or change. The new year symbolizes a fresh start, a blank canvas full of possibilities. It's a time for renewal, for rebirth and embracing new beginnings. The start of January is the perfect opportunity to set goals, to shift mindsets and plant the seed for growth in the year ahead.

Valerie (00:01:34) - In that spirit, today's episode is all about starting a new after 50. It's about seizing the opportunity to redefine our lives to make changes that reflect our true desires and aspirations. Whether it's pursuing a long held passion, changing careers, improving our health, or simply enriching our daily lives, this is the perfect time to embrace change. There's no better time than the New Year to harness that energy of reinvention. But you might be thinking, that sounds great and all, but how do I navigate this process of starting anew? How do I harness the energy of this new beginning to truly make an impact in my life? Well, that's where our five to Thrive steps come in. These steps are designed to guide you through embracing change confidently and purposefully. They are actionable, practical, and rooted in real experiences. So let's dive in and explore these steps together and set the foundation for a year of growth, discovery, and joy. Step one acknowledge past successes. Our 50s and 60s and beyond are built on decades of experience, both personal and professional.

Valerie (00:03:13) - We have accomplishments, skills, and wisdom that form a solid foundation. So take time to appreciate how far you've come. It all starts with recognizing your achievements and the wealth of experiences that you've accumulated over the years. This isn't just about professional accomplishments. It's about life experiences, relationships you've nurtured, challenges you've overcome, and the wisdom that you've gained. For example. You may have raised three kids, nurtured a 30 year marriage, climbed the ranks in your career, and overcome health challenges. It's important to acknowledge your resilience. Moving to step two cultivate a growth mindset. This is all about embracing the belief that you can develop and grow. A growth mindset keeps you resilient against the inevitable challenges of trying something new. View change as an opportunity for adventure, not as a threat. Think of it like this. Every time you face a setback. You're not failing. You're actually learning. Um, I remember a listener, Ellen. She once shared with me how she took up painting later in life. Her first few attempts were, in her own words, absolute disasters.

Valerie (00:04:52) - But rather than giving up, she saw each painting as a step in her learning process. Now she's selling her art at local art galleries. Adopt a beginner's curiosity and presence. The joy is really in the journey itself. Research shows that we can rewire our brains at any age. I choose to see aging as a privilege that's denied to many. Every day is a chance to learn and improve. Step three visualize your future. Visualization isn't just daydreaming. It's a powerful tool. When you can see yourself achieving your goals, you're setting a path for your subconscious to follow. Picture where you want to be. How you feel. What you're doing. Visualization makes the abstract tangible. Let your wildest dreams take shape. Write in your journal or make vision boards. I know vision boards are very popular this time of year. I did one two years ago the actual physical vision board, where you're cutting out the photos from magazines and you're you're gluing them on a poster board. Last year I did a digital one.

Valerie (00:06:22) - I need to decide what I'm doing this year. It was really a good tool when I did it, and actually having my goals hanging in front of me on a daily basis worked and kept them top of mind. Okay. I think just talking to you about it has helped convince me that I am going to do one this year, and if I do one pursuing my passion for content creation, traveling, spending time with family and friends and wellness are going to be the top of the board. Are you a vision board person? All right, on to step four create a support network. This journey is so much more rewarding when you have people cheering you on. Join groups. Find mentors. Surround yourself with positive influences. I've seen incredible support groups formed in my very own community where members encourage and inspire each other daily. For me, I find a sense of community among my friends, my church, as well as various networking groups that I belong to. And finally, step five embrace learning and new experiences.

Valerie (00:07:47) - Say yes to opportunities to learn. Whether it's a class, a workshop, or just a new book. Challenge yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Embracing learning keeps you mentally sharp and open to new possibilities. It keeps us feeling alive and engaged. It's never too late to learn something new or to rediscover an old interest. I started a new thing in December of 2023, where I had to spend time each day intentionally learning something new. It's actually on my calendar and I'm going to carry it over for this year. It doesn't mean that I have to have my nose in a textbook every day. Learning can come from reading, listening to a podcast, learning how to use a new app or a new feature on my camera, a new technique with video or a new recipe or something new on my 9 to 5. So learning doesn't have to be huge, but I'm a believer that it should be continuous. Shake up the routine and never, ever stop exploring. I recently visited with one of my neighbors who embarked on an exciting new chapter after retiring from teaching high school math.

Valerie (00:09:19) - I asked her what key steps helped her to transition to this new phase. She said she first looked back at her teaching career and felt immense pride. Then she dreamed about pursuing her creative passions. She said her husband and her friends were super supportive and she took art classes. And get this, she was involved in community theater. She said it was scary at first, but it was incredibly rewarding. She said she felt like 20 years younger. For me, her story reinforces that it's never too late to reinvent yourself. With vision and courage, change can be rejuvenating and energizing at any age. Before we wrap up, let's answer a listener question. This one's from Lydia, and she says, how do I overcome the fear of starting something new at this age? Lydia, first of all, thank you for listening, and that's a great question. Fear is natural, but remember, it's never about the absence of fear, but about moving forward despite the fear. I've had several situations lately that have evoked fear, but I've kept going.

Valerie (00:10:50) - You can't let it stop you. I think it's normal, but we have to start small. We have to celebrate little successes. And we have to use your support network. The courage often comes after taking the first step. Thank you for tuning in to our first episode of 2024. I hope these five steps inspire you to embrace change and start anew. If you have stories or questions, share them with me on my social media channels or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more insights. Until next time, stay curious, keep thriving and remember. Age is just a number, not a limit of what you can achieve. Together we can age with grace, joy and purpose. Thank you so much for joining me for Five to Thrive Tuesday. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe so that you don't miss an episode. If you enjoyed the segment, please rate, review and share it with a friend. Let's stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, and or threads at Iim Valerie Hatcher or email me at Hello at Aging with Grace and style.com.

Valerie (00:12:11) - Until next time, let's continue to age with grace, style and a touch of sass.

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