Five to Thrive: 5 Quick Tips for Staying Active

Title: 5 Quick Tips for Staying Active

Host: Valerie Hatcher

Episode: 3

Release Date: 06/06/23

Duration: 6 min

Show Notes:

On this episode of Aging with Grace & Style, Valerie Hatcher shares tips for staying active and feeling our best as we age. She recommends starting with strength training, either with a trainer or in a class that emphasizes proper form. Valerie also highlights the importance of finding physical activities that we enjoy, like yoga or Pilates, and getting outside for some vitamin D and mood-boosting benefits. Listeners are encouraged to share their progress and stay tuned for next week’s episode, which will focus on nutrition. Tune in every Tuesday for quick and engaging tips from Valerie Hatcher on how to thrive during this phase of life.

Episode Highlights:

Topic 1: Importance of Strength Training

– Starting with a trainer to learn proper form and push harder

– Joining a class that teaches proper form to prevent injury

– Benefits of strength training for bone density, balance, metabolism

Topic 2: Finding Activities You Enjoy

– Doing physical activities that feel like fun, not a chore

– Trying Yoga or Pilates for flexibility and balance

– Focusing on breathing for emotional centering

Topic 3: Importance of Getting Outside

– Being outdoors is good for overall physical health

– Daily activities like gardening, walking, or sitting in the park are recommended

– Sun exposure can improve mood and bone health

Extra Tips:

– Maintaining an active lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint

– Empowering women over 50 to thrive in this phase of life

– Suggestions to share progress with others on social media or email

– Next episode will focus on nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet coming next Tuesday

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