Five to Thrive: Body Love Has No Expiration Date: Accepting Yourself at Every Age

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Valerie Hatcher, the host of Five to Thrive, discusses health and body acceptance for women over 50. She provides five tips to help embrace the beauty of aging. The first tip is to reflect on what your body has allowed you to experience, focusing on the adventures and milestones it has facilitated. The second tip is to focus on functionality rather than appearance, appreciating what your body can still do. The third tip is to surround yourself with positive aging perspectives, curating your social media and relationships to uplift your spirit. The fourth tip is to find fashions that make you feel beautiful, experimenting with styles that complement your shape and personality. The final tip is to take a holistic approach to health, understanding and catering to your body’s current needs.


00:00 Introduction to the episode of Five to Thrive

01:16 Tip 1: Reflect on what your body has allowed you to experience

03:16 Tip 2: Focus on functionality versus appearance

05:16 Tip 3: Surround yourself with positive aging perspectives

09:41 Tip 4: Find fashions that make you feel beautiful

13:34 Tip 5: Take a holistic approach to health

16:16 Conclusion and closing remarks

Key Takeaways:

  • Reflect on the experiences your body has facilitated and express gratitude for all it has allowed you to do.
  • Focus on your body’s current functional abilities and engage in activities that bring you joy.
  • Curate your social media feed with positive aging role models and thought leaders who speak about aging with grace and confidence.
  • Experiment with different styles, colors, and fabrics to find fashion that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Prioritize your body’s current needs and practice self-care rituals that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

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0:00:00 - (Valerie): Hello, beautiful ladies. Welcome back to another episode of Five to Thrive. I'm your host, Valerie Hatcher. Our mission is to provide empowering tips for women over 50 to help us navigate this vibrant stage of life with grace, style, and a whole lot of fun. Each week, I bring you five practical and engaging tips on a specific topic. I hope you find them relative and relatable, and we'll come back for more.

0:00:29 - (Valerie): Ready for today's episode? Then let's go. Today we're talking about health and body acceptance as we mature. Our relationship with our bodies changes as we age and society's perfectionistic. Beauty standards, unfortunately, don't make it easy, but the key is self compassion. In this episode, I'll share five tips to help you embrace the beauty of you at this stage of life. From focusing on functionality to choosing clothes that make you shine, let's do away with the ageist judgments and start appreciating our bodies for all they've given us. So if you're in your car, turn up the volume.

0:01:16 - (Valerie): If you're at home, grab your favorite beverage and let's dive in. Tip one reflect on what your Body has allowed you to experience. You know, our bodies are like journals, chronicling our adventures and experiences. As we navigate through life, it's crucial to pause and reflect on the magic moments our bodies have facilitated. Our bodies have carried us through decades of living. Consider all the adventures, milestones, people, and places your body has let you enjoy.

0:01:55 - (Valerie): Maybe you had children, traveled the world, danced for hours, climbed mountains and grew a garden. Those experiences are beautiful. As Body positive activist Sonia Renee Taylor states, your body is the vehicle for your dreams. It's the vessel that carries you to places your mind can only imagine. When you reflect on all your body has allowed you to do, it cultivates deep gratitude. I recall as a youngster being outside running and playing for hours, or being a cheerleader, jumping and doing splits.

0:02:38 - (Valerie): Of course, I wouldn't think about doing a split now, or even laughing so hard with your friends that my stomach hurt. I probably, like many of us, am quick to think of what I can no longer do. We say things like, I can't run like I used to run, or I'm not as flexible as I used to be. Stop saying what we can't do and express gratitude for those gifts that our bodies have given us thus far. When I look at it this way, it really does bring me greater body acceptance.

0:03:16 - (Valerie): When we think deeply about these memories, we see our bodies not as mere vessels, but as an integral participant in our journey. Each scar, each wrinkle. They're badges of our adventures. So here's an action item when self doubt creeps in, rather than thinking of what your body can't do, pull out this memory chest and think of what it's already done. Really take some time to reflect back over the years and get specific about the experiences your body facilitated.

0:03:57 - (Valerie): When you reflect in detail, you gain greater appreciation to all that your body has done. Make a list of your favorite memories and refer back to it. When you need a confidence boost. Say something like, I'm sitting here thinking about how my body allowed me to dot, dot, dot. You fill in the blank. This gratitude shifts mindset. It's a powerful reminder of your body's resilience and strength. Tip Two focus on functionality versus Appearance in our society, it's easy to get swept up by beauty standards.

0:04:44 - (Valerie): But what if we celebrated our body for its function rather than its form? Think about it. Physical appearance and aesthetic appeal should not outweigh what your body allows you to contribute. Focus on your body's current functional abilities rather than getting caught up in ages judgments. Did you know that over 50% of women experience pressure related to age related body changes? This was in some research that was done by Dove.

0:05:16 - (Valerie): But rejecting narrow beauty ideals and embracing your capabilities enables freedom. Can your body still move? Can it play? Can it engage with loved ones and do activities that light you up? Those functions matter more than wrinkles or weight changes. Our bodies enable us to dance to our favorite song, to kneel and plant a seed, or stretch and reach for the sky. So rather than obsessing over wrinkles or weight changes, get creative about how you can still use your body.

0:05:58 - (Valerie): Make a list of current abilities, like yoga poses and stretches that make you feel calm and strong. Or walking the dog around the neighborhood with a friend before coffee, kneeling and working in the garden, planting flowers or veggies, playing actively with grandkids, and really feeling present in that moment. Or reaching your toes, twisting your torso, and moving your joints through full ranges of motion.

0:06:29 - (Valerie): These are big deals, and we're blessed to be able to still do them. Refer back to this list when societal messages about appearance shake your confidence. Remember, function over form. Let's get creative on how we can use our bodies rather than dwelling on ways we can't. So I recently started going to a boxing class. This class encompasses work on different punching bags. There's some punching dummies, cardio and strength training.

0:07:08 - (Valerie): I remember as I was going to my first class, I'm in the car and I'm thinking that I'm going to be in there with all these younger people who'd be able to do more than me. And I even questioned if I was too old to even think about going. I remember asking or saying in my head, should I just get somewhere and sit my old behind down? Needless to say, I didn't listen to that voice in my head, and I walked in there like I owned the place.

0:07:38 - (Valerie): Yes, I was probably the oldest person there age wise, but honestly, my body moved just like theirs did. And besides, everyone was working so hard there was no time to even really notice me. Moments like these aren't about looks, they're about living. So next time societal pressures weigh you down, think of all the simple joys that your body lets you partake in every single day. Tip Three surround yourself with positive aging Perspectives the world we create around us has a profound impact on our mindset.

0:08:21 - (Valerie): How many times have you scrolled through social media only to feel inadequate because of the unrealistic standards? We often hear about the impacts of social media on young girls and how it can affect their self esteem and body image. Well, the same can happen at our age, too. I remember I was speaking to a friend and she told me that she unfollowed every account that didn't make her feel good about herself. And instead she chose to fill her feed with real women sharing real stories.

0:08:56 - (Valerie): And the result? She said it was a more positive outlook that really boosted self esteem. I also recall reading an article in an AARP study that showed exposure to positive aging role models helps combat internalized ageism and improved body image. We need cheerleaders, not critics. So from media to friends, curate your environment with influences that honor the dignity of aging bodies. So here's some things you can do an audit of your social media and unfollow accounts that focus on distorting beauty standards.

0:09:41 - (Valerie): Or, like my friend, follow influencers and thought leaders who speak about aging with grace, wisdom and confidence. Oh, and I can't leave out style and a touch of sass. Have open conversations with friends and family if negative body comments are hurtful. Sometimes people don't even realize what they're saying is hurtful. Read books and listen to podcasts that provide healthy perspectives on getting older and surround yourself with images that make you feel seen.

0:10:16 - (Valerie): People of all ages living vibrant, fulfilled lives. You have the power to cultivate influences that honor aging and uplift your spirit. Number Four find fashions that make you feel Beautiful fashion isn't just about trends. It's about expressing oneself. Experiment with styles, colors, and fabrics that complement your current shape and personality. When you wear things that highlight your best features and make you glow with confidence, your beauty shines through.

0:10:59 - (Valerie): A friend recently did her own kind of fashion makeover. She dug out styles from her past, blended them with some contemporary ones, and a new, confident woman emerged. Fashion should be fun and it should be personal. When you wear what makes you feel good, it shows that radiance is unbeatable. So here are some ideas. One, try on some styles outside of your usual comfort zone. You might be pleasantly surprised by what flatters you now versus back when.

0:11:39 - (Valerie): Work with a stylist to discover silhouettes patterns colors that align with your current taste and your shape through or look through old photos to identify maybe favorite styles from your past to recreate and update. Now, I know there are some things from the past that just aren't meant to be brought back today. But there could be a few that might work. Or ask a stylish, honest friend to shop with you and give you feedback that you can trust.

0:12:17 - (Valerie): This reminds me of my friend and I've spoke about this in another episode who told me that I wear too much black. I trust her opinion. And you know what? To this day, I am still buying color. Now, of course, I do still go to the black first, but then I hear her voice in my head and then I go look at color. Take photos of outfits that you feel amazing in, and then refer back to them when you need to recreate that confidence.

0:12:51 - (Valerie): When you wear pieces that accentuate your assets and align with your personality, your inner and outer beauty shines through. Our fifth and final tip is a holistic approach to health. Remember, health looks different at every age. Your 60s aren't the new 30s as society tells us. They're the. They come with their own set of joys. I once met a lady named Catherine in yoga class. I think I was in my 50s then and she was in her 70s. But she epitomized strength, flexibility and peace.

0:13:34 - (Valerie): And she said something that stuck with me. She said, health isn't about matching a youthful standard. It's about understanding and catering to your body's current needs. Nourish your body well and get checkups to maintain your health, but release pressure to look or function like you did decades ago. I find myself falling into this trap. Sometimes when I'm working out, I'll think or say things like I used to be able to do this, or I just can't do these burpees like I used to.

0:14:09 - (Valerie): Knowing good and well. I have always hated burpees. Health isn't about chasing eternal youth. Be compassionate with yourself. So here's what I've been trying to do, and maybe some of these might resonate with you. Stay active with lower impact activities like walking, swimming, yoga. Listen to your body's needs. Incorporate mobility and strength training to keep your body strong and sturdy. Focus on nutrient dense anti-inflammatory foods that nourish you well.

0:14:51 - (Valerie): Get regular checkups screenings and address issues before they worsen. Practice self care rituals like massage, meditation, quality time with loved ones, and release judgment about your changing body. You have wisdom, experience and stories to share. At the end of the day, it's about embracing activities that resonate with your spirit. Now, please don't think that because I'm talking about this subject means I have it all together, because I am on this journey right beside you.

0:15:32 - (Valerie): I'm trying to learn to be okay with things like wrinkles and gray hair. They show life experience right? Now, I did buy some serum for bags underneath my eyes, because that I'm not okay with. There you have it, ladies. Our five insights into navigating health and body acceptance. I hope these tips help you appreciate the wonder of your body. You deserve to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in every reflection, stretch and memory. Remember, the beauty of life isn't just in how we look, but in how we live.

0:16:16 - (Valerie): Until next time, keep cherishing every moment, every memory, and remember you've earned every bit of wisdom and experience. Wear it proudly.

0:16:29 - (Valerie): Thank you so much for joining me for Five to Thrive Tuesday. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe so that you don't miss an episode. If you enjoyed the segment, please rate Review and share it with a friend. Let's stay connected on Instagram, Facebook and or Threads at I am Valerie Hatcher. Or email me at Until next time, let's continue to age with grace, style and a touch of sass.

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