Five to Thrive: Breaking Free from Autopilot: Living with Intention and Joy as You Age

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Valerie Hatcher discusses the importance of living with intention after 50 and provides five practical tips to inject more meaning and vitality into daily life. She highlights the signs of living on autopilot, such as a lack of passion and purpose, monotony, and mindless decision-making. Living intentionally allows individuals to identify what truly matters, embrace change and growth, be fully present, and participate in their own lives. The five tips to infuse more vibrance, meaning, and direction include setting meaningful goals, embracing new challenges, creating uplifting daily rituals, building a supportive community, and committing to continuous discovery.


00:00 Introduction to the podcast and the topic of living with intention after 50

01:13 Signs that you’re living on autopilot

04:06 Benefits of living with intention

05:31 Five ways to infuse your days with more vibrance and meaning

11:02 Closing thoughts and challenge to make a change

11:42 Conclusion and call to action for listeners


  • Lack of passion and purpose, monotony, and mindless decision-making are signs of living on autopilot.
  • Living intentionally allows individuals to identify what truly matters and focus on their values and priorities.
  • Embracing change and new challenges prevents stagnation and promotes personal growth.
  • Uplifting daily rituals, such as gardening or reading, bring calm, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Building a supportive community and sharing goals with others inspires and motivates individuals to live life to the fullest.
  • Continuous discovery through new hobbies, courses, and cultural experiences keeps individuals engaged and enthusiastic about life.

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Valerie Hatcher [00:00:03]:

Hello, beautiful ladies. Welcome back to another episode of 5 to thrive. I'm your host, Valerie Hatcher. Our mission is to provide empowering tips for women over 50 to help us Navigate this vibrant stage of life with grace, style, and a whole lot of fun. Each week, I bring you five practical and engaging tips on a specific topic. I hope you find them relevant and relatable, and we'll come back for more. Ready for today's episode? Then let's go. Hey there.

Valerie Hatcher [00:00:40]:

Today, we venture into a critical topic, living with intention after 50. As we age, it's easy to fall into routines to become complacent and just float by. But what are the telltale signs that we're living on autopilot and more importantly, How can we shift toward a life filled with purpose and intention? I'll share 5 tips to inject more meaning and vitality into your hours and days, living consciously and fully engage with life is key to thriving after 50. Let's dive in to today's topic. Signs you're on autopilot. 1st, what are some symptoms that your get up and go may have gotten up and lift signs. You're coasting through life on autopilot include lack of passion and purpose. Have you ever had a day when Everything seemed bland where there's a void, a lack of zest, if you will, where you lack passion and purpose for activities that you used to enjoy.

Valerie Hatcher [00:01:57]:

You're not alone. Many find themselves doing the same task day in and out without clear goals or dreams. It's easy to drift. Then there's the monotony of predictability, Sticking to repetitive routines. You followed the same schedule day after day without embracing anything new. Imagine waking up knowing exactly how your day will unfold down to the last detail without any surprises or challenges. You, your day starts off with coffee, then it's work, then TV sleep, and you repeat the whole thing the next day. Life can't be scripted.

Valerie Hatcher [00:02:44]:

And when it feels like it is, it's a sign of living mechanically. Mindless decision making. When was the last time you thought deeply about a Cision. Rather than just reacting on autopilot, you respond to whatever comes up each day without intention. Autopilot living often involves reactive choices, devoid of true reflection. Do any of these 3 lack of passion and purpose, monotony and or mindless decision making sound familiar. Letting life pass you by can happen gradually, but you have the power to steer your days more intentionally. Why live with intention, you might ask.

Valerie Hatcher [00:03:42]:

What makes living purposefully so critical? Here are a few key benefits. Number 1, it allows you to identify what truly matters most for you to focus on in this stage of life. Your values and priorities may have shifted, so it's important to rediscover what brings you joy and meaning now. Take a moment even right now. So if you have to pause this podcast, do so and think about What really resonates with you? What lights that fire within? By understanding these, You can plan a course that aligns with your true self. Number 2, they say that change is the only constant. So why resist living intentionally keeps you open to change growth and new possibilities. Continuing to challenge yourself, trying new things, volunteering, prevent stagnation.

Valerie Hatcher [00:04:49]:

Remember, Age is just a number. Growth has no age limit. It's about being here. It enables you to fully be fully present and mindful rather than detached and dwelling on the past or being overly anxious about the future. Being fully present, lets you participate in your own life versus Just observing it. Go by presence is power. All right. Now Let's get into 5 ways to infuse your days with more vibrant, meaning, and direction.

Valerie Hatcher [00:05:31]:

It's time to take back the wheel. Tip 1, set meaningful goals. Begin with the end in mind, define 2 to 3 specific yet achievable goals that align with your core values. Remember to break them down into smaller actionable steps so that they feel manageable. Here's an example. Say you want to focus your energy on serving others, Then set a goal to volunteer at a nonprofit helping underprivileged youth. Having a direction aligned with your values can give renewed purpose. Whether it's taken a big trip, launching a side hustle or dedicating more time to family.

Valerie Hatcher [00:06:30]:

Having a focus Inspires intention. Every journey starts with a single step. Tip 2, take action and embrace new challenges. Maybe it's time to shake things up a bit. Breakout of old habits and routines, get uncomfortable, face your fears. A personal example for me is starting this podcast. I thought I wanted to do it, but I found all kinds of reasons as to why I shouldn't. What would I talk about? What if nobody listens? I hate my voice.

Valerie Hatcher [00:07:12]:

I don't even know where to start or what to do. When do I have time to take on one more thing? All of these questions were rooted in fear of the unknown. What's funny is that people always think that I'm so tough and strong and, and I'm not afraid to try new things. Yes. Just like many of you, I'm afraid. I just try not to stay there long. Be open and push yourself to try new things without overthinking it. Face fears that are holding you back.

Valerie Hatcher [00:07:51]:

The joy is on the other side. It's through challenges that we truly discover our potential. Tip 3, create uplifting daily rituals. Add small practices into each day that bring you home joy or fulfillment. Say spend 30 minutes gardening, if that's your thing, or reading a motivational book over coffee, practice mindfulness through journaling, which works for me, meditation or walking. But what's important is to infuse your routine with activities that Do you find soul nourishing? Tip 4, Build a supportive community. Remember, you're not alone in this. Surround yourself with Positive people who share your enthusiasm for life, share your goals and journey with friends and family.

Valerie Hatcher [00:08:59]:

I have 1 friend who pretty much knows most of my goals, even those that might sound a little crazy or may not seem attainable. Having cheerleaders in your corner inspires you to live life to the fullest. Now remember, It's great to share your goals, but eventually your cheer squad is going to want to see that you're acting on those goals. No one wants to constantly hear you talk about what you're going to do someday. We need to see progress towards that. Someday. Remember, you are what you do, not what you say you'll do. Tip 5, commit to continuous discovery.

Valerie Hatcher [00:09:51]:

Keep exploring what makes you come alive. Dabble in new hobbies. Take community college courses on topics of interest. Immerse yourself in culture through films, exhibits, and performances. Say yes to opportunities for adventure and growth. I can't say this enough. The learning never ends. Today, we journey through recognizing the symptoms of an autopilot life and the importance of intentional living.

Valerie Hatcher [00:10:27]:

We discuss 5 ways to steer your days with more meaning, engagement, and purpose after 50. Small, consistent steps in any of these directions will help you feel more energized than enthusiastic about the stage of your life. It's never too late to rewrite our story to reintroduce zest and passion. As you move forward, ponder on your purpose. I challenge you to look at your daily routine with fresh eyes. What's one change you can make starting today? I'd love to hear your takeaways and experiences through email or on social media. Before I go, I want to share a quote by Ritchie Norris that says Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others choices make us. Living fully without regret is the goal.

Valerie Hatcher [00:11:31]:

Until next time. Here's to being present, purposeful and making the rest of your days the best of your days. Thank you so much for joining me for 5 to thrive Tuesday. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe so that you don't miss an episode. If you enjoyed this segment, please rate, review, and share it with a friend. Let's stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, and or threads at I am Valerie Hatcher, or email me at hello@aging with grace and Until next time, Let's continue to age with grace, style, and a touch of sass.

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