Five to Thrive-Don’t Quit Before You Start: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise After 50

Show Notes:


Valerie shares five practical tips to help women over 50 stay motivated and consistent with exercise. She emphasizes the importance of starting slow, scheduling workouts, finding an accountability partner, tracking progress, and making exercise fun. By approaching exercise with a fresh perspective, women can turn challenges into opportunities and enjoy vibrant health as they age.


00:00 Introduction to the episode and its purpose

00:34 The difficulty of finding motivation to exercise as we age

01:07 The importance of staying active for health and well-being

01:53 Tip 1: Start slow and gradually increase duration and intensity

04:03 Tip 2: Schedule workouts and treat them as important appointments

06:03 Tip 3: Find an accountability partner or join a community

08:49 Tip 4: Track workouts using apps or journals for motivation

11:08 Tip 5: Make workouts fun by choosing activities you enjoy

14:37 Importance of finding joy in exercise and mixing up activities

15:16 Importance of mix it up to stay motivated in exercise

15:53 Five tips for staying motivated and consistent with exercise

16:29 Exercise as an enjoyable part of daily routine

16:52 Conclusion and call to action for staying connected

Key Takeaways:

  • Start slow and gradually increase the duration and intensity of workouts.
  • Schedule exercise time slots on your calendar to prioritize your workouts.
  • Find an accountability partner or join a fitness community for support and motivation.
  • Track your workouts using apps or wearable devices to visualize your progress.
  • Choose physical activities that you genuinely enjoy to make exercise fun and sustainable.

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