Five to Thrive Tuesday- Harnessing the Power of Transferable Skills

Title: Unleashing Transferable Skills

Host: Valerie Hatcher

Episode: 11

Release Date: 07/18/23

Duration: 9 min

Show Notes:

In this episode of “Five to Thrive Tuesday,” Valerie Hatcher continues the conversation on career transitions by focusing on the power of transferable skills.

Valerie highlights that many people underestimate their existing skills when considering a career change. She defines transferable skills as abilities that can be applied to various job roles and industries.

Valerie discusses five key transferable skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership,
  3. Problem-Solving,
  4. Organization and Multitasking,
  5. Teamwork.

She encourages listeners to recognize and leverage these skills, even if they were gained outside of the workplace. Valerie provides guidance on identifying and showcasing transferable skills by analyzing past roles and achievements.

She emphasizes the importance of continuous skill improvement and suggests seeking opportunities for professional development. Valerie concludes by reminding listeners that embracing their unique skill set can open up exciting opportunities in their career transition journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transferable skills are abilities that can be applied to different job roles and industries.
  • Key transferable skills include communication, leadership, problem-solving, organization and multitasking, and teamwork.
  • Transferable skills can be gained from both professional and personal experiences.
  • Analyzing past roles and achievements helps identify transferable skills.
  • Showcasing transferable skills through specific examples and achievements is crucial.
  • Continuous skill improvement is important, and seeking out opportunities for growth can enhance career prospects.
  • Recognizing and leveraging transferable skills can open up new opportunities in career transitions.

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[00:22] Valerie Hatcher: Hello, Fabulous Ladies and welcome back to Five to Thrive Tuesday. In case we haven't met, I'm Valerie Hatcher. You might want to listen back to episode number one to learn a bit more about me. But I am so glad to have you here. Last week, we chatted about career transitions from the five tips that I shared. I'm sure you noticed that this topic has many parts. As you know, my goal of Five to Thrive Tuesday is to give you five quick tips and not a full-blown show. Whenever I visit with someone who's considering a career change to a position different than their current position, they're always quick to say, but I don't have experience. Most people don't realize that the skills gained from their current and or previous roles could be transferable into the new role. So today I thought we'd continue the conversation on transferable skills. Let's unpack them a little bit more what they are and why they're your hidden career transition superpowers. So, let's dive in. Let's first define transferable skills. As the name suggests, they are abilities that can be transferred and applied to various job roles and industries. They might seem ordinary to you, but they can often be the key to unlocking new career opportunities. So, we're going to start with communication. We're not just talking about speaking eloquently. It's about effectively expressing ideas, active listening, and nonverbal communication, like body language. If you've ever explained a complex idea in a simple way, written a clear email, or effectively handled a sensitive conversation, then you may have demonstrated strong communication skills. The next one is leadership. Now, leadership isn't just for managers. If you've ever organized a community event, led a project, or stepped up when things were chaotic, then you've shown leadership. Remember, leadership also involves skills like empathy, delegation, and the ability to motivate and inspire others. Are you a leader on your team amongst your peers? I don't mean bossing them around and telling them what to do, but are you the go to person when they have a question? Are you the one that rallies the team together? Then that's peer leadership. Now, let's talk about problem solving, which is also a skill. Did you ever find a creative solution to a pressing issue or perhaps made a decision under pressure? These instances highlight your problem-solving skills, which involve critical thinking, creativity, and resilience. Number four is organization and multitasking. If you've ever managed multiple tasks successfully, that's the key. Successfully juggled deadlines or planned a family holiday, you've exhibited this skill. Organization skills often extend to how you manage your workspace, and these days, your digital files, which can greatly enhance productivity. Now, let me level set. I know people who may think that they are successfully multitasking, but in reality, they are doing a lot and getting nothing done. They're not keeping commitments; they are not following through. This would not be successful multitasking. This would not be someone that I would say that's a strong skill for so, just a level set to make sure that we're clear on what that looks like. And number five, when they say teamwork makes the dream work. Teamwork is all about collaboration, conflict resolution, and contributing to a positive work environment. If you've ever worked as part of a group project or even a fundraising committee, then you've used teamwork skills. For example, my son always played sports, and I honestly can't think of a better lesson in teamwork than sports, and especially for someone like him or even me who are only children. But he was not only part of a team, but he was also captain of the team in high school and in college. And, you know, I had him put on his resume when he was looking for job, or actually even when he was applying for colleges. He put teamwork and he put leadership, because those were skills that were acquired as being part of that team. So how can you identify your own transferable skills? Start by analyzing your roles, past and present, professional, and personal. What skills did you frequently use? What were you praised for? And you don't have to only consider things that you do at work. Remember, skills gained outside the workplace, such as volunteering in your community or your church or even hobbies, are equally important. Once you've identified your transferable skills, it's time to showcase them. Use specific examples and achievements to demonstrate how you've used these skills in the past. And finally, remember that your skills can always be improved. Seek out opportunities to grow. This might involve professional development, online courses, or simply taking on a new challenge at work or in your personal life. We talked about upskilling in the last episode. Every experience you've had contributes to your unique skill set. Recognizing and harnessing these transferable skills can open a world of opportunities in your career transition journey. So embrace your past, leverage your skills, and step inside your bright future with confidence. And there you have it your mini guide to unlocking the power of transferable skills. Remember, these skills are not just your abilities you use in the workplace. They're tools you use every day in every part of your life. And they can open incredible opportunities in your career transition. I know today's episode was probably a little bit longer than our normal Five to Thrive, but I felt this was important. And it was important to continue this conversation. So next week, we'll be back with another exciting episode on Five to Thrive Tuesday, where we'll dive into another relevant topic for us fabulous women over 50. If you found today's episode helpful, make sure you hit the like button, subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes, and share this podcast with your friends. Remember, it's never too late to start a new chapter in your career. Until next week, stay vibrant, stay brave, and keep thriving. And of course, as always, remember that together we are aging with grace, style and a touch of that's.

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