From 60 to 61: Nurturing Wellness, Pursuing Dreams, and Savoring Each Day

Show Notes:


Valerie Hatcher reflects on turning 61 and shares her insights on aging with grace and style. She discusses the challenges and celebrations of the past year, including her son’s wedding, and the lessons she’s learned in patience and flexibility. Valerie emphasizes the importance of staying engaged and embracing new experiences, such as starting a podcast and taking up boxing fitness. She also highlights the positives of aging, including self-assuredness and wisdom, and prioritizing wellness. Valerie looks forward to the future with dreams of traveling and enjoying each new day.


00:00 Introduction to podcast and topic of aging with grace and style

01:07 Reflections on turning 60 and highlights of the year

03:51 Lessons in patience, flexibility, and releasing control

05:16 Pursuit of new hobbies and personal growth

06:38 Embracing the positives of aging and prioritizing wellness

08:02 Focus on nutrition, reducing stress, and keeping the mind sharp

11:09 Looking forward to future dreams, aspirations, and adventures

Key Takeaways:

  • Turning 60 was a significant milestone that took some time to adjust to.
  • Watching her son get married was a mix of emotions and reminded Valerie of the fleeting nature of time.
  • Valerie learned lessons in patience, flexibility, and releasing control from her son’s wedding preparations.
  • Staying engaged and learning new things, like photography and boxing fitness, rejuvenates Valerie.
  • Aging enriches the soul and brings self-assuredness, wisdom, and liberation from societal pressures.
  • Prioritizing wellness through nutrition, staying active, reducing stress, and keeping the mind sharp is essential.
  • Valerie looks forward to traveling, spending time with future grandkids, and crossing off bucket list goals.

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0:00:00 - (Valerie): You. Hello, beautiful ladies. Welcome to Aging with Grace and Style, the podcast where we celebrate the journey of growing older with grace, style, and a touch of sass. I'm your host, Valerie Hatcher, and I'm excited to have you join our community of fabulous women over 50, challenging age stereotypes, and redefining what success looks like. Each episode, we'll chat about topics aimed to help you thrive in every aspect of life.

0:00:31 - (Valerie): So if you're in your car, turn up the volume. Or if you're home, grab your favorite beverage and get ready for today's episode. Together, let's show the world that age is just a number when it comes to grace and style. Ready for today's episode? Then let's go. The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been those profound Words by Madeline L'Engle perfectly encapsulate today's episode.

0:01:07 - (Valerie): Welcome to today's episode. As you know, Tuesdays are usually dedicated to our Five to Thrive, where I share five tips on a relevant topic. But today is a bit special for me in that I'm celebrating another trip around the sun on Thursday. So I decided to make this, let's say, a pre-birthday show. While turning 60 was a major milestone, the age of 61 has its own beautiful narrative, filled with personal growth and valuable insights.

0:01:42 - (Valerie): Today I'll dive into my reflections from the past year, sharing thoughts on my 60th year and my everevolving relationship with aging through the highs, the lows, the challenges, and the celebrations. Like my son's beautiful wedding in April, I've come to realize that each year adds a new layer to our life's tapestry. So let's jump in. Reflecting on 60 turning 60 was significant. As a matter of fact, of all the milestone birthdays, that one was the hardest.

0:02:25 - (Valerie): I don't know why it took some time to wrap my brain around the fact that I was turning 60. 60 seemed old, and of course, I was happy to still be alive and celebrating birthdays, but it took a minute to kind of get used to that. But with all of that, it was a year that was full of surprises and big moments. One of the absolute highlights was my one and only son getting married in April. There's something profound about watching your child, whom you've nurtured and raised, step into a new chapter of life with the love of his life.

0:03:07 - (Valerie): It was a mix of emotions, a blend of nostalgia as I recalled his younger days, pride in the man that he has become, and joy for the future that he's building. It reminded me of the fleeting nature of time and how vital it is to cherish each moment and each transition. This year also gave me some lessons in patience and flexibility. I think seeing my son adjust to married life, and to new roles and responsibilities, prompted me to reflect on my own ability to adapt.

0:03:51 - (Valerie): Sure, life throws curveballs, but I've been learning to take them in stride. That said, releasing control, well, that's a tricky one for me. Sometimes it feels like I can get it done faster on my own without having to explain. But witnessing the wedding preparations and the big day itself, I realized that sometimes stepping back and allowing others to shine is just as important. With each year, there are challenges, but they're matched with beautiful moments and insights.

0:04:34 - (Valerie): I feel that self-assuredness that comes from many life seasons under my belt. And now? Well, I'm less about trying to please everyone and more about valuing my own voice and inner wisdom. Staying engaged-a never-ending classroom. Whether it's the latest in tech or engaging in lively debates about current social issues, I strive to remain a perpetual student. This year, I treated myself to a brand-new camera.

0:05:16 - (Valerie): Not another hand-me-down for my tech-savvy photographer son, but my own camera, so that I can continue to hone in on my photography skills. And while I'm talking about tech, just starting this podcast was an adventure in its own right way more in-depth than I ever imagined it would be. And then there's my recent obsession, a boxing fitness class. So while I'm not punching people, I can honestly say I'm punching the hell out of some bags and dummies with faces of people that are in my mind.

0:05:56 - (Valerie): Watch out now. I could be dangerous at some point. Well, dangerous to a bag and to a dummy. While perfection isn't the goal in these endeavors, the thrill of the challenge just totally rejuvenates me. And let's not forget the power of human connection. Despite my occasional hermit tendencies, surrounding myself with uplifting souls always refuels my spirits. Embracing the positives of Aging age might add wrinkles, but it enriches the soul.

0:06:38 - (Valerie): I've stopped sweating the small stuff, focusing more on what truly matters, like cherishing moments with loved ones, savoring the simple joys, and truly living every single day. While not everything gets easier with age, the positives make it all worthwhile. I have a sense of self-assurance and wisdom that only comes with time. I care less about pleasing others, and I listen more to my own inner voice.

0:07:15 - (Valerie): There's true liberation in letting go of societal pressures. My priorities are much clearer now. Personal fulfillment, spending quality time with family and friends, and appreciation. Each day, I'm focusing less on achievement. Now, this is not to say that I don't still have a list of things that I want to accomplish, but I'm focusing more on enjoying the journey. Each moment truly is a gift. Prioritizing wellness as my body changes with age, nurturing wellness has become a priority.

0:08:02 - (Valerie): I'm focused on healthy nutrition, staying active, getting checkups and recommended health screens. While I try not to be a hypochondriac about every ache and pain, I also don't ignore warning signs simply because I'm quote-unquote, getting older. I'm really focusing on nutrition by eating more fruits and vegetables and being really intentional about adding protein. I don't know why that's so hard for me, but I definitely know that it's a must.

0:08:40 - (Valerie): As we get older, reducing stress through enjoyable hobbies and making time for myself also helps me feel my best. I'm really trying not to sweat the small stuff, but I do still get worked up over people who don't carry their own weight and are not doing what they say they're going to do. I know that should be their problem and not mine. So, like Elsa said, I'm just trying to let it go. Laughter rest and a positive attitude really do go a long way.

0:09:21 - (Valerie): I also try to keep my mind sharp and engaged. My mom always talks about keeping her mind sharp and I'm following suit. I truly believe it's important to challenge your mind in order to stay alert mentally. I used to love word search puzzles back in the day and I've actually started doing them again, except now they're on an app on my phone. I'm working on my speed, though, because it is timed based on how quickly you find the word, so I need to get better at that.

0:09:57 - (Valerie): I take classes and I read to learn new skills. Most of the things that I'm learning today are about business, content creation, podcasting, and oh, my goodness, video editing. Oh, and speaking of keeping the mind sharp, I told you that I was taking a boxing fitness class, right? Well, I swear there's a memory component associated with this class, so they call out a series of punches and you're to remember that series in order to do them for the specified time period.

0:10:31 - (Valerie): Sometimes I have to stop and remember. Did he say jab, cross rear upper, or did he say front upper? OOH. Sometimes it's a lot, but I'm telling myself that this is helping my ability to recall. Seriously, taking good care of both my physical and mental health allows me to continue pursuing an active, purpose-driven life, looking forward, the horizons filled with dreams, aspirations, and adventures yet to be had.

0:11:09 - (Valerie): I've got my set on traveling more hopefully being bombarded with fun from future grandkids. And no, this is not an announcement and crossing off some major bucket list goals. Whatever your age, every sunrise offers new possibilities. So here's to gracefully and stylishly making the most of each one. Happy birthday to me. Cheers to 61. Thank you so much for tuning in and spending this time with me. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe so that you don't miss an episode.

0:11:53 - (Valerie): If you enjoyed today's segment, please rate, review and share it with a friend. Let's stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, and or Threads at I am Valerie Hatcher, or email me at Until next time, remember to embrace your age with grace, style, and a touch of sass.

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