Five to Thrive: Unpacking the Funny Realities of Aging

Title: Unpacking the Funny Realities of Life Over 50

Host: Valerie Hatcher

Release Date: 07/04/23

Duration: 9 min

Show Notes:

In this episode of “Five to Thrive,” Valerie Hatcher takes a light-hearted look at the funny realities that come with aging. From misplacing everyday items to the elusive pursuit of stylish yet comfortable footwear, Valerie discusses the quirky changes we experience after 50. Laughter is the best medicine, and Valerie aims to help you appreciate the humor in everyday life and embrace aging with grace, style, and a touch of sassy.

  1. The Forgotten Glasses Saga: The endless search for your missing spectacles that are often right under your nose.
  2. The Pursuit of the Perfect, Comfortable Shoes: The shift from style to comfort in footwear, and the challenge of finding both in one pair.
  3. The Art of Selective Hearing: The evolving ability to hear selectively, especially when it pertains to sweet treats or sales.
  4. The “Why Did I Enter this Room?” Dilemma: The occasional memory lapse that leaves us wondering why we walked into a room.
  5. The Case of the Missing Cell Phone: The frequent disappearing act our phones perform, often right next to us.

In the end, these moments serve as reminders that life’s imperfections are what make it enjoyable. Valerie encourages listeners to share their own funny over-50 experiences and to join her next week for a discussion on career transitions after 50.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace the quirks of aging: these can be sources of laughter and joy in our everyday lives.
  2. The pursuit of comfortable, stylish shoes becomes a priority over purely stylish choices.
  3. As we age, we develop the talent for “selective hearing,” being able to tune into what interests us most.
  4. We all occasionally suffer from “room amnesia,” walking into rooms and forgetting why we’re there.
  5. Misplacing our cell phones is a common, humorous occurrence that keeps us on our toes.

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00:28] Valerie Hatcher: Hello, beautiful ladies.

[00:30] Valerie Hatcher: Get ready for another five to thrive.

[00:32] Valerie Hatcher: Tuesday.

[00:33] Valerie Hatcher: Today, we're shaking things up a bit.

[00:35] Valerie Hatcher: With a little laughter.

[00:36] Valerie Hatcher: We've all heard laughter is the best medicine, right? And let's be honest. Once we pass the big 50, we start to experience some quirky changes that are worth a chuckle or two before we get started. Remember, aging is a privilege denied to many. We're lucky to be here experiencing this stage of life. So let's dive into our top five funny realities after turning 50.

[01:05] Valerie Hatcher: Grab a cup of tea, your coffee.

[01:09] Valerie Hatcher: Or whatever is your favorite beverage, and let's get started.

[01:18] Valerie Hatcher: Funny reality number one the forgotten glasses saga. You know the drill. You're about to read a book or look at a recipe or maybe a medicine bottle, and you can't find your glasses. You know you just have them. A frantic search begins. You rummage through your purse. You check the kitchen counter, the bedside table, only to realize they were either on your head or, if you're like me, hanging from the collar of your shirt all along. I swear it's an unintentional game that we play, a game called Hunt the Spectacles. So next time you can't find your glasses, you know where to check first. Moving on to our next funny reality, the pursuit of the perfect, comfortable shoes at this age is less about the stilettos and more about the cushioning. Remember those days of painful blisters and cramped toes? The shoes were cute, and you were looking cute in the shoes. But doggone it if they were not so uncomfortable. Well, now it's all about breathable fabrics and maybe some orthotic friendly designs. Okay, here's my struggle. Why is it that the comfy shoes are seldom the cute shoes? Maybe that's just for me. I don't know. Do you deal with that, too? But when you find that perfect pair of shoes, kind of like my New Balance sneakers that I just got, and they're like clouds on my feet, oh, boy. I mean, it feels like you have won the lottery. As a matter of fact, I have contemplated buying another pair. Not that I need another pair, but they're cute and they're comfy. I found both things, but I think it's more of the dress shoes or the dressier shoes that I seem to struggle with finding that balance between cute and comfort. They'll find it one day. So on to our third reality the art of selective hearing. Honestly, when I was writing this, I thought, this probably applies more to my husband than me. But then that's a whole nother story on a whole other show. We're going to talk about our husbands and their selective memories. But isn't it fascinating how our hearing skills evolve over time? We might struggle to hear someone asking us to do something for them or to go someplace that we don't want to go, but let somebody be in the next room quietly unwrapping a chocolate candy bar. Or better yet, let them be talking about a sale. We are all ears. I know I am. Next, let's talk about the other puzzling. Why did I come in here? Why did I enter this room? I'm sure we've all been there a time or two, or three or four. We walk into the room with purpose and suddenly, poof. Our minds go blank. We stand there looking around, trying to jog our memory and just can't remember. I remember that happened to me last week. I was downstairs. I went upstairs to my office to get something.

[05:02] Valerie Hatcher: I got in there, I picked up.

[05:04] Valerie Hatcher: Some other stuff and had no clue what I was really there for. So I went back downstairs and while I was down there, I remembered again what I needed from the office. Well, I didn't go back right away while it was fresh on my mind. And when I did, I stood there just as lost as I was the first time. So once again, I left the room. Now, this time I was smart enough to not go downstairs again, and voila. Suddenly I remember I went up there to get the measuring tape. Go figure. So while it's a bit frustrating, it's also kind of funny. Almost like our own house is a maze full of surprises. It does keep life interesting, right? So finally, it's the case of the missing cell phone. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but I lose my iPhone at least once per day. I seriously could have just had it in my hand and I suddenly can't find it. And it's not like it's a small phone, because it's the Pro Max that's.

[06:22] Valerie Hatcher: Almost the size of an iPad. I stand up, I walk around, and.

[06:27] Valerie Hatcher: I don't see it. So what do I do next? Because I have the Apple Watch. I go in and I click the little button, the little locator button, and it makes a sound and I find it. And nine out of ten times the phone was right next to me. Maybe it's lit under a cushion. Maybe it was under my thigh. It's always there. Maybe that doesn't happen to you, but it happens to me quite often. And there you have it, ladies. Five funny realities of being over 50.

[07:11] Valerie Hatcher: These moments remind us that life's imperfections.

[07:14] Valerie Hatcher: Are what make it enjoyable. Remember, laughter is like instant sunshine, so let's keep finding the fun in our everyday lives. I would love for you to share your own funny, over 50 experiences with me on my social at I am Valerie Hatcher. Or email me at Let's continue to laugh and learn together. Next week, we're going to chat about career transitions. Whether you're thinking about a career shift or are curious about exploring new opportunities, make sure to join us. Until then, keep smiling, keep laughing, and remember that together we're aging with grace, style and a touch of sassy.

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