Embracing Laughter in Aging

Repeat after me, I am embracing laughter in aging.  Navigating through the day only to forget why you’ve walked into a room, or squinting at a menu before remembering your reading glasses are in your bag or on top of your head, are common occurrences for many of us as we age. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. These comedic moments in life recently happened to me in a single day, inspiring me to write a lighthearted edition for this month’s blog post. So, come join me as we explore and laugh about the humorous side of aging.

Embracing laughter in aging is finding in the fact that the glasses you've been looking for are on top of your head!
Where are my reading glasses?


Embracing the Unexpected Comedy of Aging

Let’s start with those oh-so-amusing ‘senior moments’. Like the time I spent a frantic fifteen minutes searching for my cell phone, only to find it in the back pocket of the shorts I was wearing. Or the classic tale of spectacles lost on top of one’s own head – a laugh-out-loud moment that we’ve all experienced, whether we’d like to admit it or not!

The truth is, these moments can make us feel slightly foolish, but they also add a dash of comedy to our everyday life. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a lesson in embracing laughter in aging?

Wisdom and Humor: The Perfect Pair

With age, comes wisdom, or so the saying goes. But what they don’t tell you is that with age also comes a hilarious sense of humor. As we get older, we develop a richer, deeper appreciation of life’s ironies. We’ve navigated the twists and turns, the ups and downs, and come out the other side laughing.

Remember your first gray hair? For me, initially, it was kinda cool seeing gray hair; then when it really hit me it felt like a disaster of epic proportions. I’m getting OLD was what I thought!  But now, it’s just a natural part of life.  I haven’t totally embraced the gray yet and I have a routine for when they start coming through around my edges. It’s simple,  see a gray hair and get it colored on my next hair salon visit. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Laughing at Ourselves – The Ultimate Sign of Wisdom

One of the most significant signs of wisdom is the ability to laugh at ourselves. As we age, we realize that perfection is overrated, and it’s our quirks and missteps that make us uniquely us. Some of my best laughs are probably at myself.

Every time I hear the story about my friend Janice, I have to laugh. She was attending her granddaughter’s high school graduation ceremony. As she was navigating the rows to find her seat, she took a misstep and tumbled right into the lap of a complete stranger. Of course, everyone gasped in fear of her being hurt.  In true Janice form, she calmly rose, smoothed her dress, and said, “Well, that’s one way to meet new people!”  I would have been mortified and probably would have laid there out of embarrassment but not Janice.   She had everyone laughing along with her.

And she loves to share this story at get-togethers, it has changed a bit over the years (haha) but it demonstrates how humor can turn an embarrassing situation into an unforgettable icebreaker.

The Health Benefits of Humor

Did you know that laughter is often dubbed ‘the best medicine’? It’s even in the scripture for our bible readers.  (Proverbs 17: 22)  It’s not just a figure of speech; laughter has been scientifically proven to lower stress, boost mood, and even improve physical health by boosting the immune system and reducing pain.

So the next time you’re cracking up over a ‘senior moment’, remember that you are creating a humorous memory and doing wonders for your health.

Cultivating Humor and Wisdom in Everyday Life

Keeping your sense of humor vibrant as you age is as simple as embracing life’s unexpected moments and finding joy in them. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who light you up and make you laugh, even on days when you’re feeling a bit down.

Find humor in the small things – a misplaced cup of coffee, misplaced reading glasses, or an unintentionally funny comment from a child. Every day is filled with moments that can bring a smile to your face if you’re open to seeing them.

Growing older comes with its share of surprises – some challenging, some wonderful, and many downright hilarious. Embrace this journey with open arms and a hearty laugh. Because ultimately, age is just a number, and our ability to laugh, find joy, and appreciate life’s ironies is timeless.

Practical Tips and Takeaways: Keeping Your Wit Sharp and Your Spirit Young

1. Find Humor in Everyday Situations: Life is full of funny moments if we take the time to look. A  funny line in a book, a witty comment from a friend – all of these can brighten our day.

2. Laugh at Yourself: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Embrace your imperfections and find humor in your ‘senior moments’.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive People: It’s easier to keep a positive, light-hearted attitude when you surround yourself with people who encourage you to laugh and enjoy life.

The Power of Community

Engaging with our communities plays a crucial role in keeping our spirits young and our wits sharp. Here’s how to make the most of it:

4. Stay Active and Social: Join clubs, pursue hobbies, volunteer, or participate in community activities. My mom’s church has a very active Senior group.  They meet monthly and discuss topics relevant to them.  They even recently had a fashion show.  I could tell from the photos that they had a blast!! Not only will social activities keep your mind and body active, but it also provides ample opportunities for fun and laughter.

5. Embrace Aging: Getting older is a privilege. Embrace the wisdom, perspective, and yes, the humor that comes with age. This is also an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

6. Try a Class at the Gym or Join a Fitness Group:  You will surely laugh at yourself or secretly laugh at the person next to you.  😂 Not only does exercise promote health and happiness, but it’s also a fun way to keep fit and meet new people.

Remember, the key to our ability to embrace laughter while we age lies in maintaining a positive outlook and embracing the quirks and joys of each stage of life. Happy laughing!

So, ladies let’s continue to embrace the humor-filled journey of aging with an open mind and a full heart. After all, getting older might mean more candles on our birthday cakes, but it also brings more reasons to laugh, cherish, and enjoy the life we’ve been given. Now, it’s your turn! Share your funniest ‘senior moments’ in the comments below. We’re all on this hilarious journey together, and I can’t wait to laugh along with your stories!

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