How to Avoid Having a Full Closet with Nothing to Wear

avoid having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear
Do you stand and stare in your closet wondering why you have nothing to wear? (or at least nothing you want to wear)  It definitely happens to me quite often.   Suddenly, nothing looks good or goes together and that leads to a trip to the store.
In actuality I, like many of you, have a closet full of clothes; many that I seldom wear.  Why? Because I made some purchases that weren’t well planned and ended up with things I liked at the moment but didn’t really need.   Fortunately, I’m learning to solve this issue with a little planning.
For the most part I’ve been much better at planning my purchases.  I’m not going to lie, I still have my moments. 😀. But, I’ve now started asking myself a few questions before and during my shopping trips. These six questions have put me on the right track.  If you find yourself often picking up things you don’t need, try them on your next trip to the mall or your late night online shopping spree.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy:

 1. Do I already have something like it?

6 pink shirts and nothing to wear

Even though that top may be a different shade of pink or even a different pattern does it give you the same styling options of something you already have?

If it’s not adding to your wardrobe, in terms of function, then don’t add it to your closet. However, if it’s a color you don’t own or if it will make a difference, then you might consider it.

2. Can I Make 3 Outfits from it?

Can you think of three different pieces you already own that you can pair it with?
 How many pieces do you have in your closet right now but have nothing to pair them with?  I’ve found that to be the case several times. When you are thinking of buying something, first pause and think whether or not you can create at least three outfits with something you already own. If so, buy it.  Focus on creating a closet with items that work together to provide more options.

3. Do I  feel comfortable in this piece/ outfit? Can I breathe in it?

I need to remind myself of this often.  I’ve bought items that are very cute but in reality, they aren’t the most comfortable. Last year, I liked a dress so much while in the dressing room that I bought it in two colors.  Unfortunately, when I got home I questioned if they were too short.  I still haven’t worn them.  They actually need to go into the donate pile.
Learn from me,  when trying items on, look at them from different angles, sit down, walk around, bend over.  And, worse case, return them if they don’t look right once you get home.

4. Do I like how my body looks in this?

It is so important that we dress for our body and that we feel confident in how we look.   As much as I like certain pieces, I know they may not be the best fit for my body.  I am well endowed up top so not everything works for me.
No matter how cute and/or trendy the item is, if it makes you self conscious then don’t buy it.

5. Does this piece work in my lifestyle?

Where do you spend the majority of your time?  For me, it’s in an office and I need workwear.
Do you work at home and need comfy items? Are your weekends filled with kid sports or social events so you need more casual items?  Those are factors that will help determine what should be in your closet.  To avoid having a closet full of items and no place to wear them, shop for your lifestyle. Not the one you wish you had but the one you live today.  When you find a piece, ask yourself where you will wear it. Multi-purpose outfits are great.  I love the ability to dress up an outfit with heels and a blazer or dress it down with sandals and a tank or t-shirt

6. Does it bring me joy?  

My latest Netflix obsession has been Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.   Marie says “if something brings you joy, keep it.”  If you hesitate then you might want to get rid of it.  I know it may sound hokie but it could be worth trying try with our current wardrobe and future purchases.  Does the item bring you joy? Does it make you light up and feel sparkly?  If so, keep it or buy it.
 By the way, if you haven’t seen the show or read her book, you should consider doing so.
So, we’ve asked ourselves the above questions. Now what?

How do we stay inspired?  

  1. Have some fun with the clothes you already have; shop your closet.  The beauty of social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs is that you can get ideas of what you like.  Pin some of your favorites on a board on Pinterest.  I have one called “Personal Style and Outfits.  I use it for inspiration.
  2. Plan. When time allows I like to plan/create outfits ahead of time.  Often times I have an idea for an outfit in my head but when I try it on, I’m just not feeling it!   Doing this ahead of time saves me time in the morning as I would definitely be late trying to decide
  3. what to wear.   Try it out,  take time to play with different combinations that you may not have previously thought about.  Planning ahead takes the stress out of getting ready and allows you to focus on other things.
  4. Last but not least, purge and organize regularly.  I have a closet overhaul twice per year.  I ask myself “have I worn this in the last 6-12 months?” Does it still fit?  Is it in style?  If none of these apply, I donate.  I’m trying really hard to only keep pieces that I actually love and wear.

Clothing has a magical ability to transform our emotions, and mastering the magic is where it begins. By following these tips,  you and I will be able to maximize our clothes while keeping our lives organized and stylish.

“Style is Ageless”

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