Living with Grace, Style, and a Dash of Sass: Life Beyond 60

Turning the big 6-0 felt like a reality check. I can say that it was a milestone that left me feeling old for the first time. But now that 61 is here, I’ve realized that age is more than just a number. It’s about living with grace, style, and a dash of sass. This year, I’ve come to better terms with aging and learned to embrace the positives that come with it.”
Now, it’s not all sunshine. The fast-changing world of technology sometimes makes me feel like I’ve missed a memo. And realizing that maybe more of my life is behind me than ahead is a tough pill to swallow. But instead of whining about the inevitable passage of time,  I’m learning to cherish the present and make the most of it. After all, age really is just a number.

Lessons Learned This Past Year: Living with Grace, Style, and a Dash of Sass

As I hit 61, I’ve picked up a thing or two from my year since turning 60. Living with grace, style, and a dash of sass isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s my new mantra.  Here’s some wisdom I’ve gleaned:
  • Patience It’s like I’ve added a new gear. I’m smoother in handling life’s bumps. Sometimes, I’m so composed, I chuckle and think, ” who is this person?” 😄 And, losing my cool? More often than not, it’s pointless.
  • Letting Go It’s been an exercise in peace. Sure, there are moments I take the reins because explaining is just too tedious. But overall? I’m letting life unfold a bit more. I’m still a work in progress in this area..but I’m better. 🙂
  • Valuing Depth This year spotlighted the significance of meaningful relationships. It’s no longer about having a sea of acquaintances, but a pond of genuine connections.
  • Health My body’s whispers have become more apparent, reminding me that self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a staple.
  • Change This year, life reiterated that the only constant is change. I’ve embraced it, finding strength even in unpredictability.
And those perpetual complainers and naysayers? Yeah, I’ve put some healthy distance there.  My biggest pet peeve these days is the person who always has a complaint but never a solution.  Whiners  are not attractive at this point in life.  It’s all about preserving my peace.

Embracing the Positives of Aging: Living with Grace and Sass

Sure, age throws curveballs, but it’s packed with perks.  Living with grace, style and a touch of sass has show me that with age comes wisdom, experience and perspective that I didn’t have when I was younger.  I have more confidence in my abilities and care less about pleasing everyone or following the crowd.  This is priceless!!
Age has unshackled me from youthful pretenses. I know what matters – health, loved ones, purposeful work. It’s not about the years in life but the life in those years.

Staying Relevant and Engaged

The tech whirlwind? It’s intense. But adopting a learner’s mindset keeps me in the loop. I’m constantly evolving, merging my experience with fresh ideas.
Recently, I’ve dipped my toes deeper into photography and now my new thing is podcasting.  Sure, there’s a learning curve, but stagnation? Not this girl!!
I make an effort to stay on top of innovations so I can relate better to the younger generations.  At work, this means taking on challenging projects, leveraging my experience while also showing flexibility and imagination.
Even if I have a long way to go, staying open and willing to learn new skills keep me engaged.  I was chatting with a younger friend the other day and she commented how I just don’t slow down…I’m always trying something new.  I’ve seen people my age who have slowed down and not progressed.  It’s almost as if they didn’t have a a vision in the the past and now they really don’t.
I don’t every want to become one of those seniors who refuses to get out of their comfort zone!

Prioritizing Health and Wellbeing

Age has put health on the frontline. As my body changes, I’m trying to be proactive about health without obsessing over every ache or pain.  It’s more than just routine checks; it’s about s eating nutritious foods, watching my weight, staying proactive, mentally agile, and finding balance between not  obsessing over every ache or pain and dismissing them as ‘just age.’

Looking Ahead With Purpose

I aim to live my remaining years (hopefully there are many to come) with purpose, passion and joy.  My horizon is filled with aspirations – travel,  honing my photography skills,  publishing a journal, growing the Aging with Grace and Style podcast, staying active in my church and contributing to causes close to my heart.  Oh and spending time with my future grandchildren.  (no, this is not an announcement-just thinking ahead)LOL
I still have goals and dreams to fulfill.  But, I also want to appreciate each day.  Every day is a moment to savor. With age, I’ve pivoted from a ‘lack’ mindset to one bursting with possibilities. The best is yet to come.
To paraphrase a saying from my Pastor the rest of my days, will be the best of my days!

Know Before You Go

If you’ve missed an episode of the Aging with Grace and Style podcast or are listening for the first time, click the link below.

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