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Are you interested in working together?  Let’s chat!


# Let’s Collaborate!

I’m excited to work with brands that empower women over 50 to live life to the fullest. If your mission aligns with celebrating ageless style and embracing who we are at every stage of life, let’s chat about partnering!

I have a vibrant Instagram community where I regularly partner with brands on sponsored content campaigns.

In addition, as the host of the Aging with Grace and Style podcast, I have an engaged community of women who trust me to share products, stories, and experiences that inspire them.

Here are some ways we can potentially work together:

Podcast Sponsorships: Become a sponsor of my podcast and I’ll happily promote your brand, product, or service to my listeners. I’m open to dedicated sponsor spots, product mentions, special promo codes, and more.

Instagram Partnerships:  Let’s collaborate on sponsored Instagram posts and Stories that authentically showcase your brand to my engaged followers.

Gifted Items: I enjoy testing and reviewing products that fit my aesthetic and lifestyle. In exchange for gifted items, I’m happy to provide an honest review on my blog and social media platforms. Please note: gifted opportunities are accepted based on timing, scheduling, and fit.

Brand Ambassador: I’d be thrilled to serve as a brand ambassador who represents you at events, on social media, and in real life. Let’s have fun showcasing your brand!

Giveaways: I’m open to giving away your products to my audience in exchange for promotion. Giveaways are a win-win!

Excited to explore how we can creatively partner! Email me at so we can start brainstorming. I look forward to collaborating!