Girl, Get Out Of Your Own Way!


Hey there Sunshine!  Welcome to my world.  Can you believe I’ve been trying to get this blog up and running for awhile now?  My original intent was to have my inaugural post out for my 55th birthday which was in September.  Well, as you can tell, that didn’t happen.

So, what took so long?  It’s this this thing called perfection.  I’m sure most of us women/moms, regardless of age, go through this.  Think about it, we can’t share whatever “it” is with anyone until it’s perfect.  We can’t go out until we look perfect.  We can’t invite anyone over until the house is perfect.  The list goes on.

In all transparency, the problem that I had was one of comparison. I’ve seen so many great blogs lately and when I look at those I think  “I’m not ready!  I need more time! I need more photos.  I need…”  I’m not sure why I needed more time as eventually this first post would still be the first post.

I was working one day and out of nowhere came the thought, “girl, get out of your own way and just start where you are!”   My response was “hmm.” It has been a good lesson for me in so many areas.  I don’t think I or many of us set out to be perfectionist but it seems to happen more times than not.  Actually, perfection is really over rated when you think about it.  In reality, my hair doesn’t have to be perfect to go the store and it rarely is.  My house doesn’t have to be perfect and it rarely is.  My life doesn’t have to be perfect and it rarely is.

So, here I am, imperfections and all, ready to hang out with you and talk about style and this thing called life.  I hope you will join me in my imperfect space.








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