Yanked Out Of My Comfort Zone!

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. “Brian Tracy
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What a Week

Boy am I uncomfortable right now.  Not because I ate too much and my pants are to tight but because I’m adjusting to several changes in one week.  Sit down while I share.

For several years now I’ve worked from home.  I travel and occasionally go into the office for meetings or socialization but once that’s all over, I go back home to work.  In my home office it’s quite, I don’t have to think of what to wear, I don’t have to put on makeup and I don’t have to drive!!!
I recently accepted a new position at work.  Yeah that’s great!  Well it was great until last Sunday when I realized I would be in the office more than I have been in years.  I would need to go to bed earlier, get up earlier, plan for the next day and most importantly commute to the office.
Last Monday, I did all of that.  Not too bad, I thought.  But the component that I had forgotten was in addition to those changes I was also learning a new job, learning about new areas that I would support, learning the personalities of new people, learning my way around a new facility…lots of learning.  I must say, I was pretty darn good at my old job but this new one… OMG!!!  This is too much change at one time.  🙂 And that was just Monday.  The week pretty much progressed as it started and I just wanted my old life back.  On Thursday I received a text of encouragement from a mentor, the title was “anything is possible.”  Reading that was definitely a step in the right direction.   I’m not going to lie and say it turned the week around because it didn’t but it helped me to begin to see things differently.
 Here’s what I know, in our society we seem to have a fear of failure, we are accustomed to being comfortable and we are creatures of habit.   Learning a new skill, going through major change or moving out of our comfort zone feels awkward and stressful at first but I believe the more you adjust to the changes the more comfortable you become.  So for me, it’s a matter of being comfortable with being uncomfortable!
Here are a few thoughts that may help push past this uncomfortable place.  If you are going through a similar situation, where things have changed for you, perhaps this might help you too.
  • Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable: Doing something you have never done before is going to be scary and is part of the process.  While we can’t see it, our comfort zone keeps us in a predictable space.
  • Ask For HELP!!!  It’s ok not to know and understand everything. If you are like me, this could be a big one. It’s hard to go from being the “go to” person to being the person doing the “going to.”  Let’s stop trying to figure out everything on our own and ask for help!!
  •  Get Organized: This is probably the most important.  My entire routine has been thrown off. When do I cook, when do I work out, when do I work on my business, when do I…?? Obviously I know how to do all of this.  The last time I went to the office regularly,  I had a kid at home and definitely had to be organized.  Now, it’s a matter of retraining.   Time management is going to be critical as is pre-planning. Here are 3 immediate actions that can be taken:
    • Meal prep on Sunday’s
    • Schedule workouts for the week on Sunday, adding some alternative dates just in case traffic interferes
    • Get clothes together the night before
    • Carve out time daily to work on the business.  This may require getting up earlier, taking time away during lunch but fit it in.
This is definitely a work in progress and I’m sure things will turn around.  I will definitely keep you posted.  Do you have suggestions on how you’ve adjusted to change?  If so, I’d love to hear more helpful tips.
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  1. Debra Rainbow
    November 13, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Organization is number #1key. I plan my meals for the week also I keep my closet organized so I know what I am wearing each morning even down to the Jewerly I will wear.i also know I need at least 7 hours of sleep to be pleasant so I try to keeo that in mind.Congrats on your new position. Plan a good week on purpose.

    • Valerie
      November 14, 2017 / 1:46 am

      Those are great tips. Thanks. I just need to get into a routine!!!

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